Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 53: Year 2 begins

The passing of a birthday in the life of a child is often marked by a visit to the doctor, and in our family we get double the fun with a visit to the CF clinic also.  The regular pediatrician was up to her usual tricks, asking us lots of weird questions about Lemon's social development (is he pointing at things, does he say any words, etc) and telling us that she's willing to "let it go to 15 months and see what happens."  This about a child who was absolutely transfixed by the medical student who was working with the doctor that day--a dark haired female, his favorite kind--and spend the entire appointment staring fixedly at her face, laughing, clapping, waving, and making every sound he is capable of, trying to hold her attention.  The pediatrician also asked with a chuckle about the note in Lemon's file recommending 2 cans of Pediasure per day.  She knew that wasn't going to work out!  Nonetheless she was really happy with Lemon's continued growth, hit us with three immunizations, and essentially told us to keep on keepin' on.

Friday we hit the CF clinic.  Not much to report there other than that we had the double joy of a throat culture and a blood draw in the same visit.  They're running tests for a bunch of things including iron and vitamin D levels, results pending.  He needs to gain about another 2 pounds before we can go up on his enzyme dose again, and now that he's one we "graduate" to only going to the CF clinic once every three months, as long as things are going well.

Finally, late Friday night, our guests of honor for the weekend, Uncle Jared and Auntie Lauren arrived.  Because Lauren is a charming dark haired female, Lemon was immediately captivated by her and pretty much spend the entire weekend trying to impress her.

"Look, I can hand you my giraffe!"

"Look, I can often resist the temptation to play with the cat food!"

"Look, I can push this little cart!"

And on and on.  Being a tall bearded man with a deep voice, Lemon was far more cautious about Uncle Jared.

"Please put me down so I can find Auntie Lauren!"

A major highlight of  our trip was the official observation of Lemon and Nona's birthdays (one day apart).  Nona made her official debut on the ukelele, summoning forth a lively version of "Happy Birthday."  Everyone including Lemon was quite impressed!

 And, just because I love it, here's our version of a "belfie" (photo of yourself and your boy):

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