Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 50: Getting close

Well, we managed to survive an entire week in Madison without Nona (barely!).  Our hard-working nanny definitely bore the brunt of it, although Papa Bear deserves kudos for taking on a solid 4-hour block of time as a single dad. 

I feel like Lemon is a little cranky lately, as he is on the cusp of being able to do so many things that he wants to be able to do: say an intelligible word, stand unsupported, and walk.  He did achieve one very important developmental milestone, though: he figured out how to turn his ball popper on all by himself.  That is, he definitely knows that the button makes it turn on.  He can't reliably push it yet, though--sometimes he squeezes it, sometimes he pulls on it, and sometimes he pushes but not hard enough.  So, even that new skill is a source of frustration.

Nonetheless, we're having a lot of fun.  One of Lemon's favorite new activities is riding in the grocery cart when we go shopping.  I know it doesn't look like it in this particular photo, but you'll just have to trust me that he was taking a short break from shrieking with glee when we managed to get the camera out and aimed in the right direction.
Another favorite thing (and source of tension) is Lemon's little climbing structure in our front yard.  He wants to be able to do the whole thing himself but isn't quite there yet, and doesn't know to lift his feet on the slide to let himself slide down.  Still, with a little help, he can manage it.

 We went on one of our first family social calls on Sunday evening, to dinner at our next door
neighbor's.  For the occasion, Lemon wore his first ever button down shirt with a collar, and staying true to the Hawaiian theme, went barefoot.  We had a nice if brief visit with them--a 7pm bed time isn't exactly conducive to a vibrant social life!  
 Photo: Getting ready for our big trip in February

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