Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 145: Remember

Somehow we all made it through this past week's gastric emptying study intact.  I guess in one way it's fortunate that Lemon doesn't like to eat, since he really didn't care at all about not being offered any food on Tuesday morning.  He was a little sad about no water, but all in all he wasn't that perturbed.  Our main concern was that he actually eat something for the study, and luckily he gulped down 3 ounces of applesauce with a little bit of radioactivity mixed in with a minimum of protest. 

The imaging portion of the test was actually much harder than I had expected.  The test was done at the main (ie adult) hospital, so the sensor is set up such that if an average-height adult human stood in front of it, the sensor would be level with her abdomen.  In order to get Lemon positioned at the right height, they dragged in a really wobbly wheeled office chair set to maximum height (for those of you who have ever done bench science, think about the worst, wobbliest bench chair that you had as a rotation student because no one else would use it--the one where you had to sort of sneak up on it and lower yourself down very gently so that it didn't shoot out from behind you or have the back fall off--that was this chair).  For each image, I had to sit on this chair with Lemon on my lap, propped up on two slippery hospital pillows so that he'd be in the right position, and have him hold absolutely still for 60 seconds facing the sensor, and then turn around to face me and hold absolutely still for 60 seconds more. 

Those of you who have any significant life experience with boys in the 2-3 age bracket will know that sitting still is not really part of the program.  Especially not for 120 consecutive seconds, every 5 minutes for a half hour, and then every 15 minutes for another 2.5 hours.  It was definitely a trial for all involved, but we made it through somehow.  We'd brought out a new toy and some new books from our stash of Christmas presents in the basement, carefully stored away for occasions like these, and that actually held Lemon's attention for most of the time we were there.  We still don't have the results of the test yet, because the images have to be interpreted by his GI doc.  And, I think the doc is holding of because, joy of joys, we have another imaging test this week--this time an upper GI series coming up on Wednesday afternoon (now accepting bets on whether or not I convince Lemon to drink the barium or whether we have to go in through the tube).  So, I'm guessing he wants the full picture, so to speak, before giving us an interpretation.

Other than our adventures in imaging, it was a pretty peaceful week around here.  We've enjoyed a relaxing long weekend, with a few outings for ice cream, some home improvement projects, and some visiting with friends.  Just to keep things interesting, Lemon decided to disconnect his tube feed by himself this evening, resulting in formula everywhere.  But, he did seem fairly contrite so hopefully he won't take it upon himself to try this particular stunt again!

 Meanwhile, Lime keeps reminding me that he is getting very, very close to the end of "the baby year."  He is pulling up and standing all the time, and is starting to cruise and take some steps while pushing something in front of him.  He's also decided that baby food is for, well, babies, and if any table food is around he will flat out refuse the baby stuff.  And he finally figured out a sippy cup.  Of course I'm excited that he's doing all these new things, but I'd be OK with him staying a baby for just a few more weeks.  With the year we've had, I feel like I've earned a few extra weeks to savor the innocence and chub, to make up for the time that we lost over the winter.  For better or worse, though, time seems to be marching along at its usual breakneck speed, and the year of 0 and 2 is almost at an end!

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