Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 144: NPO

Monday through Wednesday of this past week, we split our little family in half so that I could attend a work meeting in Nashville, TN.  Lime and I headed south, while Papa Bear and Lemon stayed in Madison.  The whole thing worked out surprisingly well.  The travel to and from Nashville went very smoothly (aside from the baggage handlers breaking the mechanism that allows the car seat to attach to the stroller).  I'd hired a babysitter to watch Lime during my meetings, and she was really fantastic, keeping Lime in good spirits through a pretty long day.  Luckily the hotel was right next to a live railroad line with lots of freight trains, so that provided a reliable source of entertainment. 

My coworkers kept commenting on how amazed they were that I'd traveled by myself with a baby, and how hard that must have been.  I told them in all seriousness that this was the easiest 3 days I've had in the last 18 months--only one kid (the one with no health issues), no cooking, no laundry, no doctor's appointments, no shutting off the feeding pump at 3:30 was awesome.  Plus, I got to meet all my coworkers in person for the first time, which was a lot of fun.  I felt slightly bad when I came home to find Papa Bear lying prostrate on the floor of our sun porch waiting for sustenance to arrive, but only slightly, as he's abandoning me with both kids multiple times over the next few months.

We have a big day tomorrow, with Lemon's gastric emptying study.  After the tube feed ends tonight, he's NPO (nil per os, or nothing by mouth) until the start of the test, which should make for an interesting morning.  I'm hopeful that he'll actually be hungry (or more likely thirsty) before the test, and that perhaps he'll actually eat or drink something by mouth.  Otherwise, I've been instructed to bring his feeding tube and some formula so I can do a bolus feed if necessary.  I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, since we've never done one before and I'm not sure how he'll react.  We'll probably be in the hospital about 4 or 5 hours, and because of the concerns with infection risk, we'll be stuck in the imaging room the whole time.  Good thing I have a lot of experience with being stuck in a hospital room with a 2 year old at this point.  It's in the adult part of the hospital, though, so they may be surprised when they see the amount of supplies that it takes to survive being cooped up for 5 hours with a very active toddler!

Other than the travel and the usual medical goings on, we've been soaking up the nice warm weather that's finally come to Madison.  Lime went for his first excursion in the jogging stroller this season, which I think he enjoyed.  

Lemon and I have been hard at work in our garden, planting various fruits and vegetables.  

 And of course, family ice cream outings, which are Papa Bear's favorite part of any summertime activity!

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