Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 111: Warp speed

Now that I'm back at work it feels as though our lives have sped up tremendously--I move from one thing to the next with scarcely a minute in the day unaccounted for.  Each day passes in a blur, and before I know it, Friday has come around again.  Whenever possible I do two things at once, or have the kids with me while I'm trying to get some household task accomplished.

On Saturday, our exciting outing was to the pet store to get supplies for the cats (remember them?).  It counted as an exciting outing because our pet store has an indoor koi pond, and for  a quarter you can buy a small handful of koi food pellets.  It was a big hit, and we had to draw the line at 75 cents worth.

On Sunday, "we" did some gardening.  There were bulbs involved.  I honestly couldn't tell you what kind of flowers they are supposed to be, whether they were planted in any sort of arrangement or order, and whether they were planted deep enough to survive the Wisconsin winter.  All I can say with certainty is that we'll know more in the spring.

We also took in a bit of the Packers game, which was a good time to take care of some grooming tasks.

Pretty much the only time we all sit down together is at mealtimes, which I'm happy to report have been going a bit better this week than last.  It seems like Lemon is in a little cycle where he doesn't eat for a few days until he's really, really hungry.  Then he eats quite well for a few days until he's taken the edge off, and then he goes back into hunger strike mode.  It's not the most relaxing cycle for his parents, I have to say, but I'm grasping for any kind of predictability at this point.

Lime made a big leap forward over the last few days.  All of a sudden, he began to really notice the world around him, and specifically the objects that it contains.  The little turtles on his chair are of particular interest.  He gazes at them with a striking intensity, and when he's really on his game he can manage to strike them with his fists. 

It's a really fun advance but just another reminder of how fast time is moving--he will be three months old next weekend.  I remember with Lemon, we felt like surviving the "fourth trimester" was a major accomplishment.  With Lime, all I can do is wonder how this warm, smiley little bundle wearing 6-month pajamas could possibly be 3 months old, when he was just born last week.  On the other hand, I can't seem to recall a time when our family had less than four people in it, so maybe it's been longer than I think!

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