Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 55: Big city visitors

This weekend, we had a wonderful visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  They flew in from New York on Friday afternoon, and as soon as they arrived, Lemon got right down to business, showing them what a typical weekday afternoon is like here at our house in Madison.  Preferred activities include swinging and pushing one's cart up and down the driveway.

As the weekend went on, we hit a number of other highlights, including playing with the crayon mobile, looking at various plastic objects, reading books, and of course, napping (not pictured).  We pull out all the stops when we have big-city visitors to impress!

Overall it was a wonderful visit and Lemon got a big kick out of having two more adults around the house to amuse him.  The visit unfortunately had to be short, so we packed Grandma and Grandpa off to the airport on Sunday afternoon, and Lemon had to sleep for most of today to recover from all the excitement.

We did do an important deed for science today, though.  As many of you know, Lemon has been enrolled in a scientific study since he was born, looking at how nutrition during infancy impacts long-term health in people with CF.  Since he just turned 1, we had to do a detailed food diary for 3 days, recording every single thing he ate so that the nutritionist could calculate exactly how many calories and how much of various nutrients he was eating.  Also as part of the study, we were asked to mail in a little sample of the ultimate outcome of Lemon's digestive process for analysis.  I finally got around to that this morning.  Sorry, Mr. Mailman!  I hope I sealed that jar tightly!

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