Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 58: In motion

This was a big week for physical activity.  Lemon finally figured out how to really walk unsupported, after lots of smaller attempts of a few steps each.  One morning he woke up and decided that he could do it now, and he's barely sat still (or crawled) since. 

Just in time for this major milestone, my dear friend and long-time cycling buddy Pamela came to town for a visit.  Thanks to tremendous support from Nona and Papa Bear, I was able to get out and relive my old, pre-Lemon life for a few days, and see some of the glorious countryside around where we live.  As I'd been told (and remembered from my cross-country cycling jaunts) Wisconsin is a grand place for road riding.  The weather cooperated beyond our wildest dreams, sunny and nearly 80 degrees every day--actually one of the best stretches of weather we've had all summer!  We climbed a surprising number of hills, ate some great food, caught up on many months worth of friendship, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

 I'll just include a few pictures of scenery to give you all a sense of what you're missing, and remind you that none of these vistas are more than 25 miles from our house!

I definitely miss my old life, where a weekend riding like this was the routine rather than a rarity.  I miss being as fit as I was, and having as much time to pursue my passions as I did.  But, as Pamela rightly points out, I have a good life now, too--very different than what I used to have, but wonderful in ways that I couldn't have imagined before.  And it is encouraging to see Lemon growing more independent (at least in his mind) every day, and knowing that all this scenery will be out there waiting for me when I am ready to reclaim it.

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