Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 25: Back on track

The great news this week is that Lemon is back on track with his weight gain.  After the disappointing weigh-in last week (after a couple of weeks with just one Creon 12,000 per feeding), we upped his enzyme dose to one Creon 12,000 plus one Zenpep 3,000 with every feeding.  We wanted to see if just increasing the amount of enzymes per feeding could help.  That, and we increased Lemon's solid food to 3 times per day.  Lo and behold, those two changes made a big difference.  At Lemon's weigh in on Friday, he was back on track.  You can see in the blue area of the graph how Lemon's rate of weight gain was very slow with just the Creon, and bounced back when we increased the dose by adding in some Zenpep.  Based on that, we're adjusting Lemon's dose to one Creon 12,000 and one 6,000 to see if that will be enough to sustain his weight gain.  In summary, Creon will probably work out for Lemon after all, but the transition in dosing between the two brands wasn't nearly as seemless as we would have liked.  Nevertheless, we've (hopefully) figured it out now.  It is such a tremendous relief that he is doing well again.

This week we also had our first out of town guests in our new house.  We had an absolute blast with them, and it made painfully aware of absence of all the friends we left behind back east.  Someday I'm sure we'll have some friends who live here, although at the moment it is quite difficult to envision under what circumstances we might meet them, what with our copious free time and so forth.

In any event, our visiting friends were looking at the possibility of moving to Madison, although I'm not sure they'll still be considering it after experiencing winter here--mother nature came through with a little more snow and some pretty decent wind chills in honor of their visit.

In honor of the Olympics (read: I spent too much of this evening watching various people go very fast on frozen water in assorted configurations), I'm keeping this week's entry short, and I'll end with one profound question--how did anyone ever watch the Olympics without a DVR?

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