Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 26: A day in the life

Heading in to my third week of working life here in our new home, things have sort of settled into a routine.  So, I thought I would use this week's post to take you all through a typical day in our household--in this case, today, Monday February 17.  As I think through the day, I realize how fortunate we are that this day is pretty much like a day in any family with two working parents and a baby--CF doesn't play into it too much yet.  So, future days will probably look very different, but here's a look at how things are now.

"Day" began at 3:40 a.m. when the gentle squawks and flashing lights on the baby monitor alerted us to the fact that Lemon had woken up for his early morning snack (aka "first breakfast").  Papa Bear went in to Lemon's room, changed his diaper, and brought him back to our bedroom, where I gave him his enzymes and let him nurse.  I also gave him his vitamins half-way through the feeding, because I've found that if I don't do them during that first feeding, it's hard for me to remember them later in the day.  I put him back in bed at around 4:10, and went back to bed myself.  Sorry, no photo documentation.

Lemon was up for the day around 6:10, so Papa Bear got up with him while I stayed in bed for 10 decadent, sanity preserving minutes until 6:20. 

Then I got up, picked up the enzyme bottles, the dish of applesauce, the baby monitor, and my phone, and headed into the living room, where it was time for chest PT, followed by "second breakfast."

By 7 a.m., we were in the dining room where Lemon was having "third breakfast" consisting of oatmeal, banana, and egg yolk.  Somewhere in there Papa Bear and I managed first breakfast, watching the clock rapidly tick down towards our 7:30 departure.

At 7:10, we headed to the bedroom to get dressed.  One big advantage of Lemon being able to sit unsupported now is that he can just hang out with us while we run around trying to be decently clothed before the nanny shows up.  Somehow, I've always managed to have pants on when she arrives, although there have been some very close calls.

The nanny usually arrives around 7:25, and we hand Lemon off to her so that we can make final preparations for departure.  Sorry about the picture being blurry, I think I was literally running out the door when I took it.

Papa Bear and I drove to work together (yes, I realize that many people observed a federal holiday today, but not in the state of Wisconsin!), and I was at work at around 7:55.  I spent many happy hours there, alternately trying to translate a really atrocious scientific document into something resembling comprehensible English and running down to the bathroom on the first floor (which has a room with a shower that has a locking door) to pump.  Getting up to go downstairs also afforded me the opportunity to observe the massive quantities of snow that were falling.

Since it was snowing, and Papa Bear's last meeting of the day was cancelled, we left work a little early, with the idea that we'd put in an hour or two when we got home.  We chatted for a few minutes with Nona before she left the house, and then actually did do over an hour of work, discussing another really poorly written proposal that I'm fixing up.  I know it's hard to tell from the picture that work is occurring, but trust me, it is.

Lemon looks particularly pleased with his contributions to the discussion,

but eventually he grew bored of all the scientific terminology and retired to the Jumparoo.

Then, it had stopped snowing and was time for me to (once again) shovel the driveway.  We got about 6 inches this time.  In order to keep myself motivated, I made up inane, overblown NBC Olympics-style commentary: "This young woman is a really interesting shoveler.  She was trained on the snows of New England, but can she handle the snow of the Midwest?  You can see that she can still hear her father's voice in her head motivating her, looking for those clean edges on the driveway.  Ah, she's going fakey at the bottom, she'll definitely get style points with the judges for that."  Our driveway is even starting to resemble a half-pipe...

Meanwhile, Papa Bear put Lemon to bed at around 6.  The driveway was cleared by around 6:15, and massive carbohydrate cravings kicked in, so I came in and made dinner.

Then I made some baby oatmeal and packed up Lemon's food containers for tomorrow, with added oil and salt in each one, of course. 

Finally, at around 7:20, I sat down to write this post.  The only remaining agenda items are showering, watching the Olympics, washing up a bit in the kitchen, packing my lunch, pumping one last time, and trying to get to bed by 10.  And tomorrow is Tuesday...

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