Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 17: Countdown

Our move to Wisconsin is getting closer and closer.  This week, we started saying goodbye to people that we won't see again for a long time.  This is the hardest part of the move for me, and luckily Lemon came through with some cute new developments to take my mind off of our impending separation from our friends and family.

The biggest new thing Lemon is doing is really, repeatedly, reaching for things with his hands, batting them, and occasionally trying to bring them to his mouth.  It's pretty fun to watch, even though I know that it heralds an era where nothing in our house will be safe from those little grasping fingers.  

As a sneak preview of our future, we had some dear friends over for a farewell brunch who have two young sons.  This gave Papa Bear a chance to teach a paper airplane making lesson, and win the admiration of his young student.  I know Papa Bear can't wait until Lemon is old enough to make paper airplanes, too!

Our friends both seemed to enjoy the trip down memory lane provided by our little guy.  I can't really believe that he might be walking the next time they see him.

We had a wonderful fondue dinner with some of our friends that we've known since we were in college.  It's hard to believe that we soon will be living so far from these people who have been so important to us for the past 18 years, and that they won't be a regular part of Lemon's life as he grows up.  Boston has been really good to us.  

This coming week is my last full week on the job, so I submitted my letter of resignation, which had a scary sense of finality to it, and had my good-bye lunch (delicious Otto's pizza).  The lunch went off as planned in spite of the bomb scare on campus that had all kinds of different police agencies all over campus.  As usual, Lemon was the star of the show, and my presence was purely in a supporting role.

The cats seem to have noticed that something is afoot, and one of them is trying to indicate that he would rather not use a regular cat carrier on the big day.  Little does he know what's actually in store...

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