Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 16: Superman

We now have about two weeks of vaguely normal life left in Boston before we move, so our days are growing full of doing things for the last time.  For Lemon, this included his very last visit to the CF clinic at Children's.  This visit was mostly just another weigh-in, and Lemon tipped the scales at around 13lb.  He's still only in the 25th percentile but he's staying right on his growth curve so his doctors are really pleased with his progress.  His bloodwork revealed that he is a bit low on vitamin D, in spite of the daily dose of aquADEKs (the really nasty orange vitamins), so we have to supplement that with a 1mL dose of regular infant vitamin D drops.  Fortunately, those taste much better and don't stain anything, so it's not really a big deal.

We will definitely miss Children's.  They got us off to a great start, and we can only hope that the staff at the clinic in Wisconsin are as warm, caring, and competent as the people we worked with here.  It seems like the staff here will genuinely miss Lemon, and one of his doctors snapped a couple of quick pictures to remember him by.  We made sure that we had a perscription for enough enzymes to cover us until we get to Wisconsin (Lemon is up to 3 pills per feeding), got a few last bits of advice on chest PT, and bid a fond farewell to Children's. 

In addition to the "lasts" this week, we also had an absolutely wonderful "first."  By coincidence, two of my wonderful first cousins also had baby boys this summer, one in June and one just two days after Lemon himself was born.  The three of us had formed a mom's group that met monthly using Google Hangouts while we were pregnant, and continued after the babies were born.  This weekend, all three of us first cousins and the three little second cousins got together in person for the first time.  We got them dressed up in matching outfits and had a fun photo-shoot at my uncle's house. 

My grandmother was there, so we got to capture her surrounded by her three newest great-grandchildren for the first time. 
We also managed a shot of the four generations of my family (Great Grandma Frieda, Opa, me, and Lemon).

My grandmother noted that it didn't seem right that after a few short hours together in Boston, the three of us first cousins and our boys were all dispersing to our separate homes--in Rio de Janeiro, Washington, D.C., and soon to be Madison, WI.  I think we all wish that it were somehow possible to live closer together, but our lives have pulled us in different directions.  At least with the marvels of modern technology, it is easier to stay in touch, and we already began making plans for our next reunion. 

In other firsts and lasts, I attended my last meeting with a book group that I've belonged to for something like six or seven years.  In addition to it being my last meeting with this book group, it was the first time that I hadn't read the book--there's just too much going on right now!  That, and I have my last assignment for my very last class at the Harvard Extension School due a week from tonight.  I'd really better get started on that...

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