Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 207: Jam-pa

We are on a mini get-away at the moment in Lake Geneva, WI at the same resort we came to last year. We're enjoying it just as much as last year, if not more, but one thing hasn't changed: terrible wifi. So, just words this week and I'll put up the photos next week when we're back in the land of Internet.

So, what happened this week...we had our visit with a different therapist at food school, the one who did Lemon's initial evaluation. I asked her before the appointment started to evaluate and see if she thought he'd made any progress since she first met him. She was actually really positive, and thought he had made some inroads. She also said that he was almost ready to start doing some food therapy related activities at home. She felt like it was definitely worth him continuing with the program in the fall. So, I sent in the form to reserve him a spot, and the only time they could offer me that made even vague sense (really vague) was 1pm on Mondays. So, I'm not exactly sure how this will actually integrate itself into our schedule, but I suppose we'll find a way to make it work. At this year Lemon's school let's out at 11:45, so it's only inconvenient for me, not him. And, I'd really like to get him in a good position for starting "real' school next fall, so no time like the present.

Lemon had his last day of camp on Friday (where is the summer going?), and that same evening, Grandma and Grandpa arrived from New York for their summer visit. We spent Saturday having fun in Madison, including a trip to the annual Mustard Festival. Then on Sunday we packed six people and an unspeakable amount of stuff into a minivan that we'd rented for the occasion and drove down here to Lake Geneva. 

In being here, we've discovered the best thing we've found yet in terms of getting Lemon to eat: swimming. We went to the pool twice today, and after each trip, Lemon ate more food than he might in 3 or 4 regular days. And some ice cream in between to boot. So, I think we'll be looking for somewhere to sign him up for swimming lessons when we get home. 

Lime is also having a blast. He started shrieking with joy when we first got to the pools. He particularly enjoyed a little boat tour we did on the lake today. It was one of the few times I was sorry that I don't wear a FitBit, because I would really like to know how many steps I took during that 1-hour ride. Up the stairs, down the stairs, bow, stern, port, starboard, we did it all, with me trying to keep a firm grip on him at all times in case he leaned too far over. He's quite taken with his grandparents, especially "Jam-Pa," although he does seem a little mystified by the sudden appearance of additional grandparents in his life. 

We're here in Lake Geneva for another couple of nights and then back in Madison for a few more relatively unstructured weeks before both kids (!!) start their school year. How is Lemon almost 4 already?

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