Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 164: Like riding a bike

It turns out that you really do remember how to ride a bike, even after a very prolonged hiatus. In honor of my birthday, one of my dearest friends made the trek out here to the far reaches of civilization to spend a few days roaming the Wisconsin countryside. And guess what--it's gorgeous! It's been such a treat to spend a weekend immersed in one of my favorite pass-times. I'm clearly not in the shape that I was once in, so this week's post will be long on pictures and short on words so that I can get some rest!

It seems that, although my friend is not really a kid person, Lime managed to worm his way into her affections:

We even managed to get a couple of pictures of all four of us where a substantial percentage of the family was looking at the camera and/or smiling at the same time. Lemon's last day of his two-week course of augmentin was today, so we'll have to see if we've managed to kick Something Sudden to the curb now. I would say that at this point he's pretty much back to his respiratory baseline, so at least there's some degree of hope that he'll manage to sustain it without more antibiotics. Fingers crossed.

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