Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 149: Just grand

Another fine June week out here in Wisconsin.  Our garden is going strong--well, the weeds are, anyhow, and the first raspberries are ripening. 

 This week, we're enjoying a nice visit with Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dudley, who flew out from New York to spend a few days in our busy household--I don't think they'd quite realized just how busy things are around here, with two very active boys.  At least there's no shortage of entertainment.  We've done all the usual things--the swing set, the various play spaces in the house, the zoo.  We even ventured to a restaurant--with adults outnumbering kids 2:1, we made it until we were almost half-way through the meal before things started melting down.  Luckily we'd come in two cars so Papa Bear could take the younger members of our dining party home for a nap.

This week also marked my first official race since Lime was born.  It's been much harder to train with two kids in the house than I'd thought--carving out time for long runs is pretty tough and I've done more of them than I'd like on the treadmill after the kids go to sleep.  But, it's pretty essential for my sanity that I get the exercise and a race is always a good target to keep me motivated.  I ran the Her Madison Half, which is an all-women's race that has the ultra-convenient feature of starting and finishing walking distance from house.  It was a good run overall, although I have to say I think I"m done with June races.  It rained heavily for a couple of hours before the race, and once the rain stopped the heat turned on and it was like running through a steam bath the whole way.  Nonetheless, it was a good confidence builder, and with a successful half-marathon under my belt, I'm turning my eye towards fall and the Madison marathon.  Stay tuned...

Tomorrow I'm taking Lemon for a check-up at the CF clinic.  With the umpteen imaging studies and the whole episode of The Arm, I feel like I've been half living at Children's Hospital, so it's weird that it's been as long as it has since we actually checked in at the CF center.  Lemon's regular doctor left, and the nurse practitioner that we've been seeing in the mean time is out on medical leave herself, so we're seeing the center's director.  It will be only our second time ever seeing him in clinic (and the first time was 2 years ago), so I'm looking forward to getting a fresh set of eyes on Lemon to see if there are any new ideas we can explore or new treatments we can try.    I'm also looking forward to an update on the effort to recruit someone to replace Lemon's former doctor.  Although I like our nurse practitioner a lot and have confidence in her care, I really would like to get back to having an MD guiding Lemon's care.  I really enjoyed the scientific rapport that I had with Lemon's old doctor, and hope to find that again in his replacement.

Meanwhile the pediatrics clinic did manage to hire a replacement for the boys' pediatrician, and after about a month (lightening speed by UW standards), they got the new doctor set up in the computer system so that they could actually schedule Lemon and Lime's 3 year and 1 year checkups.  The scheduler decided (without consulting me) that it would be a good idea to have them go at the same time.  While I appreciate their consideration for my time, I think I'm going to call and schedule them for separate days.  I have enough trouble entertaining one bored kid in a locked cell, never mind two!

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