Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 125: Limeade

How is it possible that Lime is already 6 months old?  He had his 6-month checkup today, and continues to be short and stout, although somewhat less short and somewhat more stout--he did a lot of growing over the last two months and climbed up to the 25th percentile for weight and 7th for length, a gain of 5 percentage points in each category.  He had nothing but smiles for everyone we saw at the pediatrician's office (well, except for the nurse who gave him his shots, but he forgave her quickly).  And, I got to feel like the ultimate modern working mom, doing a conference call from the pediatrician's waiting room while entertaining Lime with toys and walking him around to look at things. 

I feel like Lime's babyhood is sailing by far too fast.  All the drama of the last two months has made the time fly, and I feel like I've hardly had enough time to relish him the way he deserves.  I say that, and yet I am within 20 feet of him at pretty much all times, and often much nearer than that.  But it's still not enough.  He is my last baby, and once he is not a baby anymore that will be it.  And I'm not quite ready.  I've started to gradually get rid of some of the baby gear, which is bittersweet.  I'm looking forward to sleeping more, it is true, but it will be slightly heart-breaking when no one in my household has those adorable wrist fat rolls anymore.

Oh Lime, always know that you were born second but are never second in my affections.   I know it took you too long to get your own blog post, and there will be lots of times in your life when you will feel like you are coming second.  It's never going to be true, and I hope you will manage to come away from the experience of your childhood a more empathetic and compassionate person after facing the challenges that you will face.  Your sunny little smile always brightens the room even when things look grim.  Our family wasn't complete without you, and we will treasure you in your own right always.