Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 95: Acceleration

Lime has continued to pass all his tests, which is great news.  He'll be measured again in a couple of weeks, and based on those measurements, the doctors will decide whether he needs to be delivered at 38 weeks, or whether he's doing well enough to remain in utero a bit longer.  I'm very much hoping for the latter, although I'm quite tired of being pregnant at this point.  Nonetheless, I'd like Lime to have the benefit of staying on the inside for as long as he wants.  But, if he has to come out at 38 weeks, that's only 3 weeks away!

So, preparation for his arrival has shifted into high gear.  I've taken up a second career as a furniture assembler, putting together a new changing table for Lime, and a little love-seat and a new big-boy bed for Lemon (with assistance from Opa).  I'm also scrambling to get one last painting project done before time runs out.  It's amazing how much rearranging and reconfiguring the arrival of one baby requires!

On Sunday I volunteered at the registration table for this year's CF Cycle for Life in Madison.  It felt very strange to be on "the other side of the desk" at a cycling event.  One of the many reasons I'm looking forward to not being pregnant anymore is the slim chance that I might find some time to get out and do a little riding again.  Hopefully it's true that once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget, because I feel like it's been forever!

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