Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 89: Breath of fresh air

We had a few very nervous days at the beginning of this week.  Lemon came off cefdinir on Sunday, so we spend Monday and Tuesday watching like hawks for any sign of a cough, sniffle, or drip that might signal the return of whatever's been plaguing him for the last few weeks.  Thankfully, it seems like all our efforts with the antibiotics, PT 3 times a day, and pulmozyme paid off and at our clinic visit on Wednesday morning we were told that we'd dodged a hospitalization for now.  Phew!

We are still on a sort of heightened alert status, though.  Up until now, if Lemon came down with an illness that we thought required antibiotics, we could just call the clinic and they would send a prescription over to our pharmacy without seeing us.  Now, our new plan is that if Lemon comes down with something, we actually have to go into the clinic for him to be evaluated.  And, if that happens, we've been told to bring a bag in case they decide to admit us straight from the clinic.  So, here's hoping that he stays well long enough that we get taken off of that status too.  I'm hoping for things to stay clear at least until our next regular check-up at the end of this month, when we can discuss the revised plan with his doctor.  In the mean time, we're keeping up with pulmozyme and PT twice per day (instead of once like we used to do).  This might be our new baseline regimen.  It's been made infinitely easier by Lemon's growing appreciation of truck videos from Youtube.

Even with our new heightened alert status at the back of my mind, we've been able to really enjoy spring these last few days.  The weather here in Madison has been glorious, the grass is green, the blossoming things are blossoming, and the leaves are starting to come out on the trees.  It's even been warm enough to go to the playground without a jacket!

All this warm weather has also brought it to my attention that Lime is scheduled to arrive in around 12 weeks.  With all the tumult these past couple of months, I don't really feel like this pregnancy had a second trimester at all.  Ah well.   Here's hoping the third trimester will be a bit more settled so that I can actually prepare for the arrival of this little stranger!

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