Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 77: A little less, a little more

Week one of our new diet regimen is now behind us, and the results are looking very promising.  Last week, we started giving Lemon a probiotic and glutathione, in the hopes that either or both would improve his digestion and allow him to gain more weight.  For those of you who may want to try this at home, we're using Trunature probiotics that we got at Costco, and we're giving him the full contents of one capsule in applesauce with breakfast (yum!).  We're also giving him a total of 500mg/day of glutathione.  We sprang for the more expensive GNC brand glutathione in the hopes that perhaps the name brand would translate into the white powder in the capsules actually being what it claimed to be.  We give him about half the contents of one capsule on applesauce with breakfast and dinner.  His next weigh-in isn't until the beginning of next month, so we won't have any hard data until then, but he looks quite a bit more filled out, even after just a week.  Perhaps more tellingly, he went from going "poo-poo" six times a day to twice.  So, there's some hope that he's absorbing more of his food.

We're still waiting on the new Pertzye enzymes.  It turns out that getting a free trial of the enzymes isn't quite as simple as one might imagine, but after a few emails with the doctor's office and a few phone calls with the company that makes them, I believe we're making progress.  The last hurdle (I think) is that the company that makes the enzymes doesn't work with any of our local brick-and-mortar pharmacies, they only work with mail order pharmacies.  And, the enzymes are temperature sensitive, and we live in Wisconsin, and it's winter...umm...yeah.  So, I think after a few more phonecalls to "coordinate delivery" as they put it, maybe we'll receive something.  At least they're sending us a 21 day supply, so we'll really get to see if they work for us or not.  And, if they do, I guess we can look forward to "coordinating delivery" on a monthly basis. 

One other thing we're trying with Lemon starting this week is to try and get him to drink one Scandishake per day.  Some how, through the wonders of medical food chemistry, it is possible to cram 580 calories into one 8-ounce cup of liquid.  We had one as a free sample and Lemon sucked it right down--they definitely taste way better than Pediasure, which he won't touch.  So, if we can get those extra 580 calories into him every day, that should help a lot with weight gain as well.

We still don't really know if any of the above will do anything, but I feel very hopeful right now, and I like that we're at least trying lots of new things, not just staying stuck in the same routines that have stopped working.  I'm very grateful to our clinic for helping us to explore all these alternatives before making more serious changes to Lemon's medications, like using a stronger acid reducer or an appetite stimulant.

In the mean time, we're having some fun around town before leaving on Friday for our big pre-Lime trip to Hawaii.  We're really looking forward to a vacation.  I'm definitely apprehensive about a 9.5 hour non-stop flight during the day with a toddler, but I have to imagine it will be worth it (right?).


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