Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 75: Lime!

Well, folks, the title says it all.  We are thrilled to announce that Lemon's little brother will arrive sometime in late July of this year.   We know more or less for sure that it's a boy, but we don't know yet about CF status and won't know until he's born--there's a 75% chance that he will be healthy, and a 25% chance that he will have CF.

As with all CF families, we had some long conversations about whether and how to expand our family.  The right choice is different for every family.  For ours, we feel that we are unbelievably fortunate to have the stability, the resources, and the support to raise a second child regardless of diagnosis.  We feel so optimistic about the state of CF research now and believe that medicines to treat the underlying cause of the disease for most patients will be available in the next decade or so.  We also love Lemon with all our hearts and could not imagine our family without him.  So, we decided to roll the dice again.  Obviously, we fervently hope for the best, but we are already in this fight to win, and we will fight equally hard whether it's for one child or for two.

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