Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 70: Bah humbug

Scrooge alert: everyone who knows me personally knows that I am not exactly a big holiday celebrator.  I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas and it's never made a whole lot of sense to me.  I understand at an intellectual level that other people enjoy it, and that's great, but for me personally, it's never really resonated.  Of course, I married into a big Christmas celebrating family, so I've been forced to adapt somewhat. 

This weekend, we did our own little pre-Christmas celebration here in Madison, since we will be in New York City for the big day itself.  Papa Bear gets 100% of the credit for the whole thing (see above) and I documented the event.  He set up his little artificial tree, and wrapped all of Lemon's gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and some family friends and arranged them all around.  On Sunday morning, we had gingerbread pancakes (my one major contribution to events) and then went down to unwrap our gifts.

Lemon was definitely excited about his new stuff, especially his new stacking trains and a big yellow dumptruck.  He also got some nice new floor mats to make his play area a little safer.


There was even a little something under the tree for yours truly, who has been doing more handy-woman projects than usual as of late:
Just to top off the whole experience, Lemon got sick again.  Basically the exact same pattern as his Thanksgiving illness.  He caught a cold about a week ago and just couldn't shake it, and then started coughing.  It's been a little up and down, with him seeming better sometimes and worse at others, so we hemmed and hawed a little bit about whether we want to call for antibiotics.  Ultimately today we decided to go ahead.  Based on the past, I know that once he starts coughing he really can't turn the corner without the medicine.  If we weren't going away, and if the holidays weren't coming up, I might have given him another day or two just to see if this time would be different, but ultimately I think we made the right decision.  As I listen to him cough in his sleep as I type this, I know that we need to really be aggressive to preserve his lungs.  And if he's on antibiotics when we fly at this peak travel time, and on antibiotics when we ride the New York City Subway, it's probably not the worst thing in the world.

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