Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 62: Records

For a change I'll start with a brief update from my non-Lemon life.  Yesterday, I ran the Haunted Hustle Marathon, and put in a personal record performance at 4:11:35, good enough for 4th in my age group.  Admittedly the field was really small, but hey, top 5, I'll take it!  I knew that I had my two top fans cheering for me from home.  And I can almost walk today.  I'm glad to be heading into the off season--time to focus on a little more strength training, skiing, snowshoeing, and everyone's favorite, shoveling snow. 

Lemon is all done with his two weeks of antibiotics now and seems to be fully recovered from whatever was ailing him.  The antibiotics took a predictable toll on his digestive processes, culminating in some bad diaper rash this weekend, but that too seems to be fading now.  His appetite has picked up a lot over the past couple of days and I'm hoping that he'll gain enough weight between now and his checkup on Friday that he'll still be on his growth curve.

Lemon is continuing to learn more about his world, and more words to describe it.  He's said goodbye to some of his favorite toys of months past, including his little red cart.  I picked up a big wagon for him that some of our neighbors were giving away, and once that came into the picture, the little red cart was history.  At least he still loves his swing. 

I took Lemon to visit a potential preschool this week, yet another reminder that he is not so very little anymore.  We really liked the school.  Lemon liked it because there were other kids and lots of really interesting toys.  I liked it for those reasons too, but also because when I brought up CF, the school director was all over it.  They'd had some CF kids in the school recently, so she knew all about enzymes and infection control, and even offered to find the letter that the other CF parents had sent around to everyone explaining what CF is, and why it's so important not to send kids to school who might have a contagious cold or cough.  Seeing how prepared they were to handle Lemon's needs made me feel more confident that this first in a very long line of transitions will be smooth for him.  Or, at least, no less smooth that it would be for any other kid.

After all, we are still talking about my little baby, who, carrying on the fine tradition established by his dad and grandpa, sometimes falls asleep at the dinner table.

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