Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 46: Home again

We just returned from five utterly marvelous days in Boston.  I now find myself in the awkward situation of having two hometowns--Madison, which is where our house, all our stuff, and our new daily routines are; and Boston, where we have so many dear, dear friends and family members.

Given that we have been in transit for the last 8 hours and I still have to get ready to go to work tomorrow, this will be one of those heavy on pictures, light on words kinds of posts.

We discovered many important things on this trip, such as:

Lemon makes Elizabeth look tan.

Auntie Lauren is lots of fun.

Alex will do anything to make a baby laugh.

A few new friends are on the way.
Papa Bear will need to dust off his chess skills if he wants to compete with Cousin Idan.

 Great Uncle Joel is a little crazy but plays a mean ukelele.

Mama Bear can still ride a bike and almost keep up with Pamela.

We have a such a great family!

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