Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 42: Fountain of youth

Lemon has continued to make big developmental strides, getting more proficient at his own unique crawling method, which involves propelling himself forward using the sole of his left foot and the knee of his right leg in a sort of crawl/hop combination.  He's also gotten very good at pulling up, which makes me think cruising and walking aren't that far away.  Since his other latest development is a habit of waking up at 5 a.m. every day, I'm going to keep this week's post relatively short so that I can get some sleep.

PhotoThis past weekend we went to visit a botanical garden in Madison.  It was really beautiful, although Lemon couldn't have cared less about the plants.  He did discover his new greatest passion though: fountains!  Here are some of the fountains that we saw:
There was also a Thai pagoda, the only one of its kind in the contiguous 48 states according to the sign.  Although it is almost entirely covered in real gold leaf, Lemon wasn't all that impressed.  Compared to the thrill of moving water in the fountains, it just didn't have that much to offer.

After all the exciting things we do during the day, and all the motoring around that Lemon is doing now, you would think that he'd be happy to take a little rest now and again.  Instead, he's realized that just because he's in the crib doesn't mean he has to be asleep, or even lying down...

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