Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 9: Excelsior

What a fantastic week this has been.  It began with a very successful test run of our child care arrangements.  Nona came over several mornings this week and watched Lemon while I worked from home.  They get along very well, and seem to really enjoy each other's company.  I feel confident enough about leaving Lemon and Nona unsupervised that I'm actually going to head into the office a couple of times this coming week for a few hours each time.  Although Lemon is getting better about taking a bottle, he still really only eats a snack-sized meal each time, so I don't want to leave him for too long--a few hours at a time to start.

On Friday, we took Lemon for his two-month check up.  He weighed in at an impressive 11lb 6oz, continuing to gain weight at 1.5 times the normal rate.  He's closing in on the 50th percentile for weight, or if you believe the Android version of the baby app, he's already there!  He's also working on some new neurological developments, like the all-important social smile!

The most significant event of this week was the Climb for CF.  On Sunday morning, I fed Lemon and got ready for our longest separation since he was born--about 5 hours all told.  I hopped on the T and headed downtown to One International Place, a 46 story building in downtown Boston.

There, I found the lobby fully decorated for the climb, and tons of other climbers getting ready to go.  I was particularly amused by the presence of what I can only think to call "stair geeks"--people whose athletic passion is racing up the stairs in tall buildings.  There seems to be a group of these people, four of whom were present at this event, who travel around the country (and the world) to participate in stair climbs.  One guy even had fancy calf-support socks and gloves.  These guys did two, three, or even four repeats of the building.  Since I'm just getting my athletic act back together, I was perfectly happy to just climb the building once.

I signed in, picked up my number and T-shirt, and then posed for a pre-climb photo.  And yes, just for the record, I was wearing a garment on the lower half of my body.
I thought that having spent my athletic career to date in distance running and cycling, I'd already identified the least spectator-friendly sports to participate in.  However, it turns out that stair climbing offers even less visual entertainment for the onlookers.  This photo shows the start, where climbers took off one at a time, separated by 30 seconds.  That view is also totally representative of
the middle and end of the event, too.  Other than the lack of visual interest, the climb went quite smoothly.  I took it at a very conservative pace and arrived at the top feeling like I'd gotten a good workout, but not totally wrecked.  Even at my moderate pace, I placed a respectable 5th in my age group.  And, the views of Boston from the top were quite marvelous.

More important than the feeling of accomplishment at having completed the climb was the feeling of accomplishment that you all facilitated through your generous support--together we raised nearly $7500 for CF research, five times my original fundraising goal.  Lemon, Papa Bear and I are all incredibly grateful to all of you.  I hope in the future, when we have a little more time to get organized, that many of you will join me as part of "Team Lemon" at a CF fundraising event.  It's a great community with wonderful spirit, and it will be so inspiring to have you there with me! 

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